These are genuine quotes from parents or carers of children I have worked with, or Instructing Solicitors.  The identity of the children and their families have been anonymised to preserve confidentiality.

 'Your help has so far been the best we have got in regards to guiding our son.  I have never met such special wonderful SEN advisor who can understand my son within few hours, with all his positive/negative aspects.  This reflects your in-depth knowledge of the subject.  Once again Heather thank you for all your guidance and time.  We will always be in debt for what you have done for us and our son.'    Parents of a child with subtle but complex needs who I worked with to assess, clearly identify and explain those needs within a report that was used to secure appropriate educational placement and provision. 

'Dear Heather, I found your report on XXX very informative and helpful. .....I should like to recommend you to other 6th form pupils should the need arise.'   SENCo of an independent School and VI Form College. 

'Thank you very much for meeting today.  It felt very productive from my perspective.'     Parent who met for a one-off consultation meeting.

'I am so glad that we saw you first and  have the additional report.  It and you have been a godsend.'  Parent of child who I assessed to support (school) understanding of child's presentation, underlying needs and how to meet and support those. 

'Your report is very comprehensive!  I think the level of detail is perfect....Thank you.'  Parent of child assessed to gain greater understanding of presenting need, how to support need and environmental considerations for choice of new school.

'Mr and Mrs xxx have now forwarded me a copy of your report, it is fantastic and will be so very useful. Thank you. '   November 2016,  SENCo at an Independent School where I now have an ongoing professional relationship offering educational psychology services including assessment, advice and guidance.

'... your report was pivotal in persuading the LA to settle (and would have been crucial in winning the tribunal had it not settled) – so thank you so much for all your work on this...'  Instructing Solicitor for family I worked with on tribunal case.  October 2015 

'Many thanks for all your hard work, help, and support with X's case.  We are truly blessed to have had such a highly professional EP like yourself.  Without your expertise and advice I don't think we were going to be in this good place.  Many thanks from all of us.'   Parent of a young person who I worked with to produce a report for tribunal which clearly presented the young person's  voice, wishes and aspirations for their  educational provision and outcomes as well as their assessed needs.  This case was settled in the client's favour without going to tribunal.  March 2017

'I hope you don’t mind me contacting you again, but you wrote such a good report for the last child that you assessed for us, and I was wondering if I could use you again for some advice.'   June 2017  SENCo at a school where I now have an ongoing professional relationship providing educational psychology services including assessment, advice and guidance.

'Xxx now has a really strong EHCP. All of this would not have been possible without your excellent report, observations and professional recommendations.  Thank you.'  Parent of a young person with whom I worked to conduct assessment and produce a report for SENDIST appeal process.  The case was settled without going to tribunal.  The young person will be going to the parents independent school of choice which will provide the specialist medical and therapeutic interventions required to secure the best possible outcomes for this young person.  October 2017

'I wanted to thank you very much for all your expertise, advice and support - it has been invaluable to us, and we are very grateful. It has been such a relief to finally be able to get XXX the recognition of where his/her difficulties are, and to understand his/her intense frustration at his/herself. Mostly to be able to have the evidence to back up our dealings with the school, which I’m pleased to say have improved - thanks again for your advice.  We would not hesitate in recommending you to others. Thanks again.'   Parents of a young person of primary age,  with subtle but significant literacy difficulties, who I assessed and produced a report providing advice and guidance moving forwards.  March 2018.


"Thought you might like an update regarding Xxx's EHCP. Well, the LA have confirmed XSchool as the named school, along with paying the 'top tier' fees for SaLT and OT. We only found out about this yesterday afternoon and we're over the moon with joy!!!

We are just awaiting the final copy of the EHCP, which should be with us within a few days.  Therefore, we would like to thank you for all of your help and support with Xxx over the last few months - it's greatly appreciated. You have been amazing."   Parents of a secondary age student with subtle but significant learning and emotional needs who I assessed and produce a report for SENDIST appeal purposes in October 2018.  Case was settled without going to Tribunal.

 "Our SEN advocate, xxxxxxx, has passed your details to me, as she says your reports are “excellent” ".  Parent making enquiries in November 2019

" I just wanted to drop you a line to say that we heard from the LA yesterday that they are agreeing to consult with XXSchool to place him there in September and if XXSchool agree they will fund it.  Thank you so much for all you have done to assist us getting to this point." Parents of a primary age child with ASD and associated learning and behavioural needs who I assessed and produce a report for SENDIST appeal purposes in January 2019.  Case was settled without going to Tribunal.

 "I have read the report which is extremely comprehensive and helpful.  Thank you."  Parent of a primary age child with subtle but quite significant literacy and numeracy difficulties.  Following assessment report was produced and advice and guidance offered to school.