Privacy Policy


Please note this page is under construction and subject to amendment.

Storage of Personal Data

Personal data is kept securely in a locked filing cabinet within a secure building.  Personal data is not stored on a computer, it is stored on a separate hard disc that is secured in a locked cupboard within a secured building when not in use.

Personal data that is supplied by individuals is destroyed once the report/work that has been commissioned  has been completed.  The report generated by HCF Psychological Services Ltd is stored until the 25th birthday of the individual (subject to current legal and professional body requirements). 


Sharing of Personal Data

Personal information is not shared with other agencies without  consent unless there are overriding concerns with regard to safeguarding and/or the welfare of the child that would legally and professionally require HCF Psychological Services Ltd to share information on a need to know basis.   Under such circumstances, where possible and if appropriate, HCF Psychological Services Ltd would endeavour to discuss this and gain consent first.